Power Machines completed the supply of the third hydropower unit of the Farhad HPP in Uzbekistan

Power Machines manufactured and delivered to the construction site of the Farhad HPP a guide vane and a bearing for a hydraulic turbine. This is the last set of hydraulic equipment designed for the modernization of hydropower unit (HPU) No. 3.

Simultaneously, Power Machines continues the installation of previously supplied equipment for hydropower unit No. 1: the assembly and installation of hydrogenerator rotor and stator has been completed, the enlarged assembly of the suction pipe cone and the impeller chamber is being accomplished, the turbine pit is being installed and the annulus is being concreted. The production of additional turbine equipment for hydropower unit No. 4 is underway.

All the main power equipment for the modernization of the Farkhad HPP was manufactured by the St. Petersburg power engineering enterprises - the Leningrad Metal Plant and the Electrosila plant, as well as the Kaluga Turbine Plant.

The contract for the modernization of the Farhad HPP was entered between JSC "Power machines" and Uzbekhydroenergo JSC in 2017. In total, 4 hydropower units will be modernized with an increase in the total capacity of the HPP by 11.4% - from 114 MW to 127 MW. In addition, the efficiency of two adjustable-blade turbines will be increased by 4.8% and two radial-flow turbines - by 5.1%. The full service life of the hydraulic units will be 40 years.

Completion of the project will allow the renewed HPP to increase the annual electricity generation by 84 million kWh to 531.2 million kWh per year.