Power Machines completed the first stage of testing the ignition system for the heavy-duty gas turbine GTE-170

Power Machines, in cooperation with a leading Russian aerospace company, completed the first stage of testing the GTE-170 gas turbine ignition system. The tests were conducted at the testing facility of Power Machines' partner - NPO CKTI named after I.I. Polzunov.

In the course of work, the preparation and modernization of the equipment for the bench of the combustion chambers, the installation of an automatic system for measuring and testing the ignition system of the combustion chamber with the normal position of the plug were successfully completed. Tests have demonstrated reliable ignition in the combustion chamber with the new ignition system in all starting modes.

For testing, a burner device was manufactured by additive technique, including a diagonal swirl nozzle and components of the ignition system (ignition unit, plugs, wires). During the tests, the voltage on the ignition unit, the length of the wires, and the diameters of the orifice plates on the ignition gas supply line were varied. In total, about 380 starts were performed.

The results included values of the characteristics of the operating ignition unit, determination of the stable ignition area of the burner device, and recommendations for improving the ignition unit.

At the second stage, the focus will be on operational life testing - it is planned to perform more than a thousand starts.