"Power machines" at REF-2023: Russian equipment is the basis of the country’s energy security

"Power machines" is taking part in the Russian Energy Forum 2023. The forum aims to promote dialogue between industry companies, government bodies, associations, and the scientific community, and presents a platform for developing responses to key challenges in the energy sector.

Alexander Ivanovsky, General Designer of JSC "Power machines", spoke at the plenary session "Priorities for the development of the Russian energy industry: present and future" and during a report on the topic "Development and launch of innovative, domestic power equipment on the market – as the goal of a power engineering enterprise" emphasized that Russian equipment is the basis of the country’s energy security, predictable and reliable operation of the Russian energy sector.

"Power machines" implements projects to create innovative equipment: steam and gas turbines and equipment for renewable energy sources. To this end, the company establishes in-house engineering and design bureaus, involves Russian specialized organizations and universities in R&D, equipment and organization of production.  

"The approach to creating new products with the development of in-house engineering, retrofitting production, and increasing the degree of localization has shown its efficiency and can be successfully replicated to expand the line of gas turbines and as part of renewable energy projects, in particular, for the development of wind power plants, said Alexander Ivanovsky.

This is exactly how "Power machines", backed up by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, implemented a strategic project to create domestic power gas turbines GTE-170 and GTE-65. To implement the Power machines program, a modern production of cast billets for gas turbine blades was also created and launched. By the end of 2023, "Power machines" plans to produce the first production copy of the GTE-170 gas turbine.

"Power machines" applied a similar approach to steam turbines with the creation of production of low-speed turbines for nuclear power plants. This also provided for implementing a program for the production of steam turbines for thermal power plants, as part of which 10 standard sizes of new turbines with fundamentally improved characteristics were developed – these are installed in the modernized unit cells.

During the discussion, Alexander Ivanovsky went on to note that the creation of innovative domestic equipment to meet the needs of the Russian energy sector would be facilitated by coordination between generating companies and manufacturers, and cooperation of industrial companies for import substitution and production of components.