Power Machines and Samara University named after Korolev proceeded with the creation of the first Russian gas turbine unit running on methane-hydrogen fuel

Professionals from Power Machines and Samara National Research University, named after academician S.P. Korolev, launched a joint design bureau (DB) "Hydrogen PM" in 2020 and now have started the first stage of creation of a domestic gas turbine unit running on methane-hydrogen fuel –GTE-65V.

To date, a preliminary method for calculating the combustion processes of methane-hydrogen mixtures has been developed. The data obtained were applied in the development of an experimental burner for the combustion chamber of the gas turbine unit.

Experts from "Hydrogen PM" DB completed the preparation of detailed design documentation for the pilot burner and determined the conditions for its bench testing. An extended research and development board was held at Samara University, named after Korolev, on March 25, 2021, approved the developed detailed design documentation for the experimental burner, and declared readiness to proceed to the next stage of the project.

At the next stage, a prototype model of the burner will be manufactured, and experimental verification of the calculation methods and the adopted design solutions will be performed.

In general, during the development of the combustion chamber for GTE-65V, the design bureau experts will have to optimize its design for combustion of a methane-hydrogen mixture, determine the most efficient composition of the fuel mixture, fix the issue of acoustic pulsations arising from the combustion of hydrogen fuel, and propose measures to minimize emissions of nitrogen oxides NOx.