"Power machines" and "Movement of the First" launched an educational project for future power machine builders

"Power machines" is the first industrial partner of the regional branch of the Russian Children and Youth Movement (RCYM) "Movement of the Firsts" in Saint Petersburg. As part of our collaboration, a joint educational project was initiated aimed at career guidance and schoolchildren preparation for university admissions, with a focus on providing quality training in engineering disciplines for the field of mechanical engineering.

The project is anchored in collaboration with Saint Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation (SUAI) and Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU). Student design bureaus of "Power machines" work in universities, and a joint dual education program with the company, "Trajectory of SM (VTUZ 2.0)", is being launched.

To engage students in engineering disciplines during grades 8-10, the program will include year-round activities at universities. These activities will encompass laboratory tours, hands-on sessions, and engaging production cases curated by specialists from "Power machines".

The first participants of the project are high school students of St. Petersburg School No. 693. The children, accompanied by their parents, explored Leningradsky Metallichesky Zavod, plunging into the world of technology. They gained insights into the company's projects and the unique aspects of working in the field of mechanical engineering.

Ilya Rotanov, an engineer at the Electrosila plant and an alumnus of the "Power machines" student design bureau, captivated the guests with his insights into his work as an engineer and shared his professional journey, sparking great interest among the attendees. Following the engaging presentation, the children embarked on a fascinating tour of the production facility, while their parents received insights into the company's social programs and working conditions from "Power machines" employees.

“We aim not only to introduce schoolchildren to the engineering profession but also to offer mentoring, assisting them in deciding on their developmental path and preparing for enrollment in specialized universities or colleges. In the future, the students will have the opportunity to join the "Power machines" student design bureau, and after completing their education, they can find employment with our company in higher positions than graduates of main educational programs," shared Elena Mordvinova, Head of the Personnel Development Department at "Power machines".

“The universities that have become the base universities for our joint educational program have primary divisions of the "Movement of the First". When entering these universities, the guys will also be able to continue their social activities in the Movement's projects as mentors," emphasized Nikita Yarovenko, Deputy Chairman of the regional branch of RDDM "Movement of the Firsts" in Saint Petersburg.

Photo: Press service of the Saint Petersburg branch of "Movement of the First".