Hydropower unit No. 19 was put into operation at the Volzhskaya HPP, equipped with a new Power Machines generator

After the upgrade, a hydropower unit with station number 19 was put into operation at the Volzhskaya HPP. The hydrogenerator and auxiliary equipment were replaced. The hydroturbine was replaced earlier, in 2006.

The renewed hydropower unit with station number 19 is the 21st unit subject to turbine replacement and the 15th unit on which the generator has been replaced. In accordance with the upgrade project, Power machines performed work on replacing the turbine, generator, excitation system, automation system, and auxiliary equipment.

The new hydrogenerator was manufactured at Electrosila using modern developments of power machine building to deliver advanced technical characteristics. Leningradsky Metallichesky Zavod produced the turbine with improved structural design and high environmental safety. The updated impeller has five blades instead of the previous six and is designed for increased water flow through the turbine.

Today, Volzhskaya HPP Power machines continues the modernization of hydropower unit No. 10 (replacement of turbine and generator) and No. 4 (replacement of generator). The program of joint plant modernization provides for the complete upgrading of hydropower units, after which the capacity of Volzhskaya HPP will be increased to 2,744.5 MW. 

In total, 23 hydropower units are installed at the Volzhskaya hydroelectric station. Their upgrades are carried out within RusHydro's comprehensive upgrading program.