Half of the hydropower units at the Votkinskaya HPP have been updated. Equipment manufactured by Power Machines

At Votkinskaya HPP, Hydropower Unit No. 1 was completely replaced as part of the RusHydro Hydroelectric Power Plant Comprehensive Modernization Program. This is the fifth fully renovated hydroelectric unit out of the ten in existence at the plant. As soon as the tests stipulated by regulatory documentation are complete, the hydroelectric unit will be re-marked with its capacity increase from 110 MW to 115 MW. 

Hydropower Unit No. 1 was put into operation in 1963; it was in operation for more than 50 years and has been significantly worn down. The work to replace the hydroturbine, generator, auxiliary equipment, and to modernize the automatic control system of the hydraulic unit took about a year. 

The new hydrogenerator was manufactured by specialists from Power Machines at Eleсtrosila plant, and the hydroturbine was manufactured at Leningradsky Metallichesky Zavod. Highly reliable and environmentally friendly equipment features improved its technical characteristics and increased its power. 

Votkinskaya HPP’s integrated modernization program provides for the replacement of all ten of the power plant’s hydropower units. The first hydropower unit was replaced in 2017; in the years that followed, new units were commissioned annually. After the work is completed, the plant's capacity will increase to 1150 MW, which is 13% higher than before the modernization program began. 

Votkinskaya HPP is located on the Kama River in the Perm Territory and is situated on the second stage of the Kama Cascade. It is one of the key power plants in the Ural's energy system, and is involved in automatic load-frequency control. The capacity of Votkinskaya HPP is 1,080 MW; its long-term average annual power generation is 2.5 billion kWh.