GTE-65.0 gas turbine was assembled at Power Machines for further testing

When implementing a project for mid- and average capacity gas turbines, experts from a Russian power engineering company conducted fault detection and overhaul, and then assembled the turbine group – a structurally monolithic unit comprised of the compressor, combustion chamber and GTE-65.0 turbine.  

During the assembly, the rotor was installed after balancing. The combustion chamber, bearings, body parts, and exhaust turbine diffuser were also mounted.

Production operations were finalized by measuring the wheel space part. It confirmed that the components of the turbine complied with the requirements of the design documents.

Currently, the combustion chamber is being reworked. Specifically, the burners were upgraded, and the new structure assemblability was checked.

When the combustion chamber works are finished, the GTE-65.0 turbine will be prepared for a cycle of cold and hot tests.