Electrosila Plant Celebrates its 125th Anniversary

Electrosila Plant, Russia's largest manufacturer of generators and electrical machines, part of the "Power machines" group, celebrated its 125th anniversary.
The company's supply map includes more than a hundred nuclear, thermal and hydro power plants in 87 countries on five continents. Electrosila manufactures not only equipment for the power industry, but also unique drives for high-powered quarry machinery, electrical machinery, and equipment for the Russian Navy and icebreaker fleet.

The specialists at the Electrosila Plant are continually developing new products and enhancing existing machines to increase their reliability and improve their operational and physical data.

The Electrosila team is a close-knit team of professionals with strong traditions of intergenerational continuity. It is no coincidence that the mentoring movement was born here (its founder was a retired colonel, the locksmith team leader Stepan Vitchenko), which later became a trade union movement. And nowadays this tradition is still strong: dozens of apprentices, trainees, and interns are working at the company. The plant works closely with colleges, universities, specialised schools and clubs. This work received a powerful impetus thanks to the participation of "Power machines" in the "Professionalitet" Federal Program.

On April 14 a ceremony of awarding the best employees was held at the plant to mark the anniversary of Electrosila. Fifty employees of Electrosila received certificates of merit from the Committee for Industrial Policy, Innovations and Trade of St. Petersburg, acknowledgments from the administration of the Moskovsky District and corporate awards for length of service and diligent work.

Alexander Beglov, Governor of St. Petersburg, Kirill Polyakov, Vice-Governor, and Vladimir Ushakov, Head of the Moskovsky District Administration, sent their greetings to the company. They emphasised the importance of Electrosila's contribution into the city's economy and wished the plant prosperity. The workers were congratulated and thanked for their work by Alexey Yakovlev, Deputy Chairperson of the Committee for Industry, Innovations and Trade, and Ekaterina Semenova, Head of the Economic Development Department of the Moskovsky District Administration.-

"The Electrosila team is truly proud of its history, and we always strive to work so as to correspond to the title of the flagship of power machine building. Today the plant is involved in major projects to modernise the Russian power industry and create new generation facilities, performs the most important tasks under the state defense order, and works on promising projects. It's a big challenge, a big responsibility. I congratulate my colleagues on the anniversary and wish our plant prosperity, and to all of us – inspiration and joy from the results of our work!" says Anton Grebenshchikov, Director of Electrosila.