Electrosila manufactured a batch of synchronous motors for Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Industrial Complex (Uzbekistan)

Upon the order of JSC Tyazhmash, experts of Electrosila designed and manufactured five synchronous details for the ore grinding mills of Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Industrial Complex (Uzbekistan), one of the world leaders in gold and uranium mining.

The equipment was custom designed in consideration of the special technical parameters. Hence, the engines designed by Electrosila endure a direct main power-up, with the multiplicity of starting torque exceeding the current GOST. With that, the electric engine can be started-up without a soft starter usually applied to reduce the load on the mill mechanism, electric engine, and power grid at the first turn of ore in the grinding mill. It allows for increasing the overall system reliability and launching the line in case the soft starter fails.

“The design of the equipment allows for using it for long and reliable operations in heavy-duty cycles of ore dressing and metallurgical industrial complexes. Besides, we have considered the additional requirements of the customer, including requirements for specific connection joints to electric motor sensors,” said Ivan Zheleznyak, Deputy Head of Design of Metallurgical Industrial, Transport, and Power Electric Machines at Electrosila.

The power machine-building enterprise began cooperating with JSC Tyazhmash in terms of engine supply in 2019. The current scope of supply includes five 4,000 kW synchronous engines, at 55.5 tons each.

Equipment will be delivered in the first half of 2021.