Electric drives manufactured by the Electrosila plant will work as part of the mining excavators (EKG-18R) at the Elga coal deposit (Yakutia)

Specialists from the Electrosila plant produced and started to supply electric drives specially designed to operate as part of the EKG-18R mining excavators.

The scope of the current delivery for IZ-Kartex, named after P. G. Korobkov, includes ten sets of equipment designed for use in the challenging climatic conditions of the Elga Coal Complex, Russia's largest deposit of high-quality coking coals (Yakutia).

"One of the most important advantages of our offer is the completeness of delivery," says Denis Zabrodin, head of the excavator electric drive sector at the Electrosila plant. "The set includes electric motors of main drives (lift, head, turn, stroke), as well as control cabinets for main and auxiliary drives. The motors are designed for converter-fed operation Electrosila equipment undergoes complete tests in the presence of the customer to determine its compliance with the requirements. Conducting complete tests guarantees the customer a high degree of factory readiness of the supplied equipment.

The service life of control cabinets and motors manufactured by Eleсtrosila is at least 12 years.

"When implementing the Elga Coal Project development program, we choose partners from among Russian companies, because we consider it necessary to support domestic producers. UZTM-KARTEX machines are manufactured in Russia and made of Russian components, featuring high reliability and performance. The Elga Project has strict requirements for environmental safety, so it is especially important that electric excavators do not harm the environment," commented Aleksandr Isayev, General Director of ElgaUgol Management Company.

Shipment of the first sets of electric motors started in February 2021.