Combustion Chamber Ignition of the First Domestic F-class Gas Turbine GTE-65 Successfully Performed at the CKTI Test Bench

"Power machines" has started a series of tests on the combustion chamber of the first Russian-made medium-capacity gas turbine GTE-65.
The tests aim to verify the calculated parameters of the combustion chamber's operation and ensure its ignition across all operating modes.
First stage of testing occurs at the I.I. Polzunov NPO CKTI test bench, where the combustion chamber is ignited, and the burner unit components' performance is consistently observed and recorded. The first results validate the accuracy of the calculations and engineering solutions implemented in the chamber's design.

Subsequent tests will be carried out at "Power machines" full-scale test facility, where the combustion chamber will operate under conditions that are identical to those of a gas turbine.
According to Alexander Ivanovsky, the General Designer of "Power machines", the Russian F-class gas turbine GTE-65 holds significant potential in the energy market and will promote the domestic production of this type of equipment. He further adds that the combustion chamber has been engineered utilising state-of-the-art numerical design techniques, thereby ensuring optimal performance with low emissions and stable operation in the necessary range of modes.

The initial GTE-65 gas turbine for commercial use is slated for production completion by the end of 2024, followed by an annual production cycle of 8 commercial GTE-65 and GTE-170 turbines from 2025 onwards.

The engineering solutions devised by "Power machines" allow for the utilisation of domestic materials and components in the production of GTE-65, which adheres to the specifications outlined in the Decree of the Russian Government No. 719 titled "On Approval of Production of Industrial Products in the Territory of the Russian Federation."

For reference:
A strategically important project for resuming gas turbine production in Russia is being implemented by JSC "Power machines" with the support of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade.

In December 2022, "Power machines" successfully finalised the production of the prototype model for the high-capacity gas turbine GTE-170 and carried out tests on the same. The first production gas turbine GTE-170 will be manufactured by the end of 2023.
Alongside, the company is also engaged in the development and production of GTE-65, a highly efficient medium-capacity F-class gas turbine. The expected date for the completion of GTE-65 prototype model is 2024.