Cheboksary HPP commissioned hydraulic unit No. 6 equipped by Power Machines

Cheboksary HPP commissioned an upgraded hydraulic unit number 6 with an updated hydrogenerator. The project was conducted under the integrated modernization program for RusHydro hydroelectric power plants, which reconstructed 10 out of the plant's 18 hydroelectric generators over the course of the project.

The new stator of the hydrogenerator No. 6 was made by the Russian company Power Machines. It is characterized by improved operations, including vibrations and characteristics. During the project, the hydraulic unit automatic control system was also replaced, and the hydraulic turbine impeller was overhauled. Its reconstruction, including an adjustable-blade mode, was completed back in 2014, and the iron rim of the generator rotor was also updated even earlier. The new equipment were installed by specialists of the subsidiary of RusHydro – SC Hydroremont – VCC.

Power Machines continues to implement the Cheboksary HPP modernization project. Two more hydraulic units are currently being modernized at the HPP. A new stator was mounted on the machine with station No. 9, a replacement of the generator rotor iron rim, and the hydro turbine was reconstructed in Leningradsky Metallichesky Zavod (part of Power Machines). Work began on updating the hydraulic unit No. 7, providing a replacement for the stator and iron rim of the hydrogenerator rotor.

Currently at Cheboksary HPP, 15 out of 18 hydraulic units now have reconstructed turbines, and ten have renewed stators. The annual work schedule has been agreed upon with the Russian Power System Operator, and the power supply to consumers has not been limited.