At Volzhskaya HPP, "Power machines" modernizes the generator at the plant's 11th unit

At Volzhskaya HPP (PJSC "RusHydro"), work is underway to replace the generator at the hydraulic power unit number 11. It has been in operation since 1959 and has reached the end of its standard service life. The new generator for the station was manufactured by "Power machines" at the Electrosila plant. The equipment is designed with due regard to modern achievements in the field of power engineering and has improved technical characteristics.

At present, the stator assembly work has been completed at the machine hall assembly site. The stator is moved off site and pre-installed on the foundation slabs in the generator shaft. The upper cross member of the hydrogenerator is now being assembled at the installation site.

In accordance with the schedule, it is planned to complete the replacement of equipment at hydraulic power unit, unit 11 in April 2024. During the modernization, the rotor, stator, thrust bearing, upper cross member, generator bearing, and auxiliary equipment will be replaced.

To date, all 22 hydro turbines and 18 generators have been replaced at Volzhskaya HPP. The replacement of all generators is scheduled to be completed in 2026. The upgraded hydraulic power units are more efficient, which has already increased the plant's capacity from 2,541 to 2,734 MW, and this figure will increase to 2,744.5 MW after the completion of the comprehensive modernization. The upgrade is being carried out under the Program for Comprehensive Modernization of Hydrogeneration Facilities.