For investors

A systematic approach, transparency and efficiency
are the basic values that underlie the implementation
of the following corporate governance principles at the Company
Observing the shareholder and investor rights. JSC «Power Machines» ensures that its shareholders freely exercise all their rights, including the right to take part in the general meetings, and receive dividends and access to all reliable information about the Company.
Equal approach to all shareholders. JSC «Power Machines» maintains equal, fair and law-based relations with all Company shareholders, regardless of how many share they might hold or what their legal status might be. At the same time, the Company’s efforts are focused on excluding the possibility of the preferential satisfaction of one group of shareholders’ interests over another’s.
Procedure transparency. The operating procedure followed by JSC «Power Machines’» control and management bodies are outlined in the following regulations: on the General Shareholders’ Meeting, on the Board of Directors, on the Executive Board, and on the Audit commission. The performance of all corporate procedures is regulated by corresponding local normative acts. All documents are available to shareholders and potential investors on the Company’s corporate web site:
Disclosure of information. By disclosing reliable information about all substantive Company issues, including its financial affairs, performance results, property structure, affiliated persons lists, as well as securities and other data, JSC «Power machines» continues to remain a reliable partner and a focus of potential investments. The disclosure of information principles practiced by the Company are reflected in the information policy Regulation. JSC «Power Machines» adheres to a policy of information openness – the Company holds regular meetings with shareholders, investors and analysts; organizes presentations and visits to affiliates’ production platforms; and disseminates information about the Company through press releases that are published both in the media and on the Company’s web site, and is further e-mailed to all interested parties.
Efficiency of Board of Directors’ work. JSC «Power Machines’» corporate governance system enables its Board of Directors to properly monitor the performance of Company management. The Board of Directors’ main objectives rest in stimulating growth of the Company’s profits, and thoroughly protecting shareholder interests and maximizing the efficiency of their investments in the Company.