Hydraulic power engineering

Power Machines – packaged-solution supplier for the hydroelectric power plants

Boasting extensive experience in development and production and all the necessary design and production resources, Power Machines offers effective packaged solutions for basic generating-equipment supply and maintenance for hydroelectric power plants.

Power Machines implements a complete customer service package, including:

  • examination;
  • design;
  • procurement, manufacturing and assembling;
  • transportation and storage;
  • installation and commissioning;
  • acceptance testing, putting into operation and guarantee testing;
  • warranty and post-warranty customer service support;
  • customers’ personnel training.

Current projects

Volzhskaya HPP
Design, manufacture, testing and supply of 10 hydraulic turbines with a maximum capacity of 145 MW and 22 generators with a maximum capacity of 144.5 MW. Dismantling of old and installation of new equipment, installation supervision, commissioning and putting into operation.
Zhigulevskaya HPP
Manufacture, supply and installation of equipment for 14 hydroelectric units. Following the modernization project, the total capacity of the Zhigulevskaya HPP will increase by 147 MW to 2488 MW.
Nizhne-Bureyskaya HPP
Manufacture and supply of four sets of hydroelectric unit equipment, each including a Kaplan hydroturbine complete with an automated control system, a hydrogenerator complete with an excitation system, and auxiliary hydroelectric unit equipment.
Djerdap 1 HPP
Delivery of a turbine and a 201 MW generator for the power plant’s first hydroelectric unit; work on the renovation of some existing hydraulic equipment involving an increase in hydroelectric unit power from 174 to 201 MW at the other five HPP units.
Cheboksarskaya HPP
Manufacture of eight stator sets and hydrogenerator equipment, and hydraulic equipment installation supervision.
Charvak HPP
Modernization of the hydromechanical parts of governors and oil pressure units, overhaul of hydroelectric units’ automated control systems, involving the implementation of a visual monitoring and control system at the HPP level.  Replacement of hydroturbine runners (on hydroelectric units No. 1, 2 and 4) and modernization of hydrogenerators.  
Ust-Kamenogorsk HPP
Manufacture and delivery of a hydraulic turbine runner complete with installation accessories for hydroelectric unit No. 2.
Pļaviņas HPP
Turn-key overhaul of hydroelectric units No. 1 and 3 of the Pļaviņas HPP. Simulation testing, manufacture and delivery of equipment for the overhaul of two hydraulic turbines and hydroelectric generators and auxiliary equipment; installation, commissioning, and acceptance tests.
Kiğı HPP
Manufacture and delivery of electromechanical equipment for the HPP on a turn-key basis, including three hydroturbines at 46.6 MW each, complete with  pre-turbine gate valves, three generators of similar capacity, all electromechanical equipment for the turbine hall and a switchgear.
Ķegums HPP
Turn-key overhaul of three hydroelectric units of the Ķegums HPP. Design, manufacture and delivery of the following equipment: three new hydraulic turbines with a maximum capacity of 77.8 MW each, complete with automated control systems (ACS), as well as equipment for the modernization of three hydroelectric generators.
Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP
Manufacture of the main power-generating equipment for Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP restoration. Manufacture of ten hydraulic turbines with 640 MW hydrogenerators and an excitation system for the generators; installation supervision services for all the delivered equipment and commissioning services. All the new units have since been put into operation. Power Machines is providing a two-year warranty on the supplied equipment.
Punta Negra HPP
Manufacture and delivery of two Francis hydraulic turbines with a capacity of 31.62 MW each, including pre-turbine gate valves and governor equipment, as well as two generators with excitation systems.

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Power Machines factories have manufactured over 790 hydraulic turbines, 65 hydrogenerators,
80 pre-turbine gate valves, and 2000 governors for hydraulic turbines.

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