ZTL (Turbine Blades Plant) is 35 years

JSC Turbine Blades Plant (ZTL), which belongs to the Power Machines Group, celebrated its 35th anniversary since the day when first machined blade for steam and gas turbines was manufactured.

The first machined blade was manufactured at the plant in June 1967, when the pilot shop (now machine-shop) was under construction.

"The plant was obviously short of trained specialists. Every day up to a thousand new workers of various specialities were employed by the plant. We had to start a requiting campaign among young people: representatives of the young communists league (komsomoltsi) used to visit universities technical colleges and military units, inviting the youth to join the plant, said the ZTL’s veteran Nokolai Smirnov. – Every blade had to be worked manually, we learned while working. Nevertheless, in spite of the difficulties creative initiative of the plant specialists made it possible to deal with difficult situations.

By the end of 1967 the ZTL produced 2 thousand turbine blades, in a year time – already 45 thousands. At present the ZTL annually produces about 100 thousand machine-worked blades for steam and gas turbines and more than 70 thousand pieces of stamped and cast blades. Annually the number of produced and sold turbine blades increases by 30%. More than 70% of electrical energy in the countries of CIS and Eastern Europe are generated utilising the equipment were the blades manufactured by the ZTL are installed.

Within the last period the ZTL developed production of types of runner blades and guide blades, inclusive of unique titanium 1200 mm blades for the atomic power plant "Tian-Van" in China upon orders of the JSC "Leningradsky Metallichesky Zavod".
Improvement of machine treatment of the blades for steam and gas turbines has become top priority in development of business at the ZTL. In this connection special attention is paid to upgrading and modernisation of production capacities, installation of up-to-date precision equipment produced by the leading companies of the world. In 2001 the plant bought 17 pieces of new production equipment among them 5 milling units by "Starrag" (Switzerland) and the tool machining centre made by "Walter" (Germany). Within the last years the ZTL invested about 14 million US dollars for modernisation of its production capacities.

"Future of the ZTL is first and foremost based on stable work of the plant aimed at fulfilment of programs of strategic partnership with the producers of turbine equipment, - said General Director of the JSC "Turbine Blades Plant" Aleksandr Balashov. – Within 2002 – 2005 development and realisation of the programs for production of new blade mechanisms for modern gas turbine, which are now being created by the specialists of the Power Machines Group, will be among top priorities for the ZTL.

Historical reference

History of the Turbine Blades Plant began in 1964 when "Severnaia Baza" – a big specialised enterprise for production of turbine blades was built.

7 February 1966 - "Severnaia Baza" left the JSC "Leningradsky Metallichesky Zavod", thus forming "Leningradski Blades Plant".

June 1967 - the first die for a runner blade of the K-300 turbine and the first machine-worked turbine were produced.

By 1970 the ZTL became the key supplier of blanks for turbine blades for the whole turbine-building industry of the country.

1977 – the enterprise’s specialists in the shortest possible time developed technology for production of unique blades of titanium alloy for the most powerful turbine in the world K-1200.

February 1981 the production association "Leningradski Turbine Blades Plant", comprising the pilot plant in the settlement Ladva-Vetka of Karelia autonomous republic and the design production office of electrotreatment.

1992 - the ZTL was transformed in a joint-stock company and initiated the program for development of new production and marketing.

1997 – the plant received the certificate of conformity to the standard ISO 9002 after being subjected to examination based on SovAsK and TUV NORD system of quality.

2000 the JSC "Blades Plant" as well as Leningradsky Metallichesky Zavod, Electrosila, Kaluga Turbine Works and Energomachexport joined the Power Machines Group.

The mains customers of the plant are the JSC "LMZ", "Centroenergogas", RAO "EES of Russia", Siemens (Germany), Alstom Power (Sweden), Ansaldo (Italy) as well as many other.

2001 – the total output of the ZTL production amounted to 570 million roubles. 74% of the total volume are finished machine-worked blades and blanks for them, 26% - items made from rolled shaped stock, casting and others.

95,77% of the ZTL’s shareholders are legal entities and 4,23% – natural persons. Among the biggest shareholders of the company are the holding company "Interros" (57,3%), CJSC "Depositarno-clearing company" (37,9%).