Transportation of Power Machines’ equipment to Los Caracoles HPP in Argentina successfully completed

Transportation of the Power Machines’ equipment to Los Caracoles HPP in Argentina has been successfully completed. At the end of the difficult shipping route the powerful trailers with dozens of tons of the cargo were welcomed by the senior officials of the San Juan province headed by its Governor Jose Luis Jioja as well as by journalists and the leading specialists working on this power project which is of a grate importance for the economy of the country.

The participants of the event visited the turbine room and the dam of the HPP. The completion of the final stage of delivery of the equipment to the station involved the great amount of preparatory work. Due to its dimensions the equipment could not be shipped via the usual route, and the customer – company UTE had to build a separate road along the river. Thus, the Power Machine’s equipment which arrived at the Buenos Aires port in autumn last year was stored at a dedicated warehouse for several months.

The transportation of the generators from the port commenced in the night of May 15 this year and after making the 1200 km way on May 21 the equipment was delivered on tractors to the HPP site.