The second consignment of equipment for La Yeska HPP, Mexico, shipped by Power Machines

Power Machines has shipped the second consignment of equipment manufactured for La Yeska HPP under construction in Mexico. It included components for hydroturbine No. 1, as well as valves and other hydromechanical equipment.

Under the contract terms, Power Machines will manufacture and deliver two hydroturbines, 375 MW each, two hydrogenerators, and ancillary equipment for the new Mexican hydro power plant. Power Machines' share in this 800 million dollar project amounts to over 200 million dollars.

The HPP construction project has a tight schedule with the first hydroelectric unit to be put into operation in January 2012, the second one in April 2012, and the whole project to be completed in June 2012. La Yeska HPP will have the world's highest concrete-lined earthfill dam. It will reach 220 meters. The plant's total rated power will be 750 MW.

The first consignment of equipment manufactured for La Yeska HPP was shipped by Power Machines earlier in June 2009. Also, one of the two hydrogenerators for the Mexican HPP was manufactured and tested by Power Machines' branch, Electrosila, in August and is now ready for shipment.