The Power Machines Group won the tender for delivery of equipment to the Kaliningradskaya SPP-2

The Power Machines Group has become a winner of the contest conducted by the RAO "EES Rossii" for a general supplier of main and auxiliary equipment for construction of a 450 Mw steam-gas unit with gas turbine GTE-160 manufactured by the JSC "Leningradsky Metallichesky Zavod" at the Kaliningradskaya SPP – 2 (steam power plant).

FGUP "Technopromexport", representing interests of the JSC "Elsib", JSC "Uralski Turbomotorniy Zavod", the Italian company "Ansaldo", as well as the Group "Intertehelectro" became the major competitors in the tender for delivery of equipment the Kaliningradskaya SPP. Nevertheless, the design and cost parameters offered by the JSC "Energomachexport – Power Machines Group were accepted by the competition committee as being the best. It is worth noting that initially quite a number of Russian and foreign companies – producers of power equipment - expressed their interest in the tender.

The total contract value for delivery of the equipment amounted to 150 million US dollars.

Principal equipment for the steam-gas unit (PGU) of the Kaliningradskaya SPP-2, with the total capacity of 450 Mw will be manufactured by the following joint-stock companies: Leningradsky Metallichesky Zavod (LMZ), Electrosila, Turbine Blades Plant (ZTL) – all of them part of the Power Machines Group

According to the project terms the LMZ will assemble two gas and one steam turbine the capacity of each being 160 Mw; the blades for the turbines will be manufactures at the ZTL. Electrosila will manufacture and supply three turbo-generators, the capacity of each being 160 Mw: one for coupling with the steam turbine and the other two for coupling with the gas turbine.

Earlier similar steam-gas units was installed and put into operation at the North-Western heat thermoelectric power plant in St. Petersburg. But the gas-turbine units for the plant bearing the brand V94.2 had been manufactured at "Interturbo" – a joint venture of the LMZ and "Siemens" and bought from "Siemens".

In 2001 the LMZ and "Siemens" signed the license agreement, in accordance with which "Siemens" handed over to the LMZ the manufacturing methods and the right to produce and market the gas-turbine units V94.2. This piece of equipment manufactured in Russia under the brand of the LMZ and is officially named as GTE-160.

In June of the current year the consortium, headed by the Power Machines Group won the tender organised by the JSC "Bashkirenergo" for a "turnkey" construction of a similar 450 Mw steam-gas unit for the Ufimskaya Heat Thermoelectric Power Plant-5. In the nearest future the Power Machines Group plans to participate in a number of tenders for delivery of the PGU (steam-gas unit).