Rusal VAMI signs an agreement with Power Machines company on engineering services for a new plant

St. Petersburg, 2 December 2009 – RUSAL, the world’s largest producer of alumina and aluminium, is pleased to announce the signing of an agreement between RUSAL VAMI, RUSAL’s in-house engineering institute, and Power Machines Company, a Russian industrial equipment manufacturer. Under the agreement, RUSAL VAMI will provide engineering services for the first stage of a construction project to build a power equipment manufacturing facility on the Metallostroy industrial site in Kolpino, a town near St. Petersburg.

The first complex of the plant will include an area for manufacturing heavy-duty turbines and turbo generators for nuclear power plants, a balancing rig, an apparatus manufacturing shop, a warehouse and auxiliary infrastructure. 

The cutting-edge technologies to be applied at this new plant will guarantee the high quality of its products, raise manufacturing standards and increase labour productivity. Modern process equipment will also rationalise the utilisation of facility’s shop floors, cut operating costs, etc.

It is planned that the project will be completed in the third quarter of 2010. It is planned to be one of Russia’s largest equipment manufacturing projects contributing the best technologies to the development of the national energy industry and improving environmental safety. The construction of the first complex is estimated at a total of RUR 6 bln. 

Andrei Timoshkin, the CEO of RUSAL VAMI, said: ‘The return of large customers and large-scale initiatives like this particular one launched by Power Machines Company is a good sign for business development in general. Our cooperation with Power Machines Company was possible since, over the long period of the institute’s history, VAMI has accumulated intensive hands-on engineering expertise, which has been further multiplied by both Russian and overseas projects implemented by our staff in recent years. Our know-how, scientific platform and competence of the personnel allow us to handle any engineering task no matter how complicated or customised it is. We will be happy to use our years-long practical experience in our work on this project of Power Machines Company, thus promoting the industrial potential of our country and raising the profile of Russia on global markets.’

Nikolai Sidorenko, the Director for Operations and Technical Development of Power Machines Company stressed that the decision on selecting VAMI as the primary engineering contractor was made as a result of a tender which had involved offers from several renowned Russian design and engineering organisations with engineering expertise in the industry. RUSAL VAMI with their longest experience and actually with the most attractive project track record won the bid: to date, VAMI’s engineers have designed over 40 industrial facilities for RUSAL projects across Russia, other CIS countries and also overseas.

Today, VAMI, which became part of RUSAL in 2003, plays various roles: apart from being the leading engineering organisation among the aluminium, alumina and magnesium businesses, the institute has been quite successful in other projects working with customers ranging from the metals and machine-manufacturing to chemical and petrochemical industries.

The Russian national (formerly known as Soviet national) aluminium and magnesium engineering institute (RUSAL VAMI) was founded in 1931 and became part of RUSAL in 2003. With a current headcount of 297 managers and engineers, RUSAL VAMI provides engineering and design services, which form an integral part of investment and construction projects conducted by RUSAL and other companies. VAMI originated and completed the engineering documents and drawings for over 50 aluminium, titanium, magnesium and electrode plants built in Russia, other CIS countries and overseas. To learn more about aluminium, click here: