Renovated power unit of Agios Dimitrios TPP was put into operation in Greece

In July 2008 upon the completion of modernization the renovated power unit of Agios Dimitrios TPP was put into operation in Greece.

The contract for modernization of two power units 300 MW each was signed by Power Machines in 2006 in consortium with Siemens AG. The customer of the project became Greek Power Public Corporation. The total price of the contract amounted to 42 million Euro, The scope of Power Machines’ works – over 16 million Euro.

The obligations of Power Machines under the contract include manufacture and supply of equipment for modernization of medium and low pressure cylinders for two steam turbines of the plant and new systems for steam turbines (hydraulic handling, cylinder exhausts cooling and control of last stages blades vibration).

One of two power units under modernization has been put into trial operation recently. Upon the completion of the trial operation and guarantee tests which is planned for the 4th quarter of 2008 the power unit will be commissioned.

Participation in the modernization of the Greek plant became the first project where Power Machines modernized 300 MW power units in the territory of the EU. The success of the project will complement Power Machines’ reference-list to further supply the services to the EU.

At the present time Power Machines handles modernization projects of power units of 300 MW capacity in Russia and in the territory of the CIS such as Konakovskaya SDPP (Russia) and Lukomlskaya SDPP (Belarus).