Power Machines to supply equipment for new power unit of Kalininskaya APP

Power Machines and Atomenergoprom signed a contract for supplies of main equipment for turbine island of power unit No.4 of Kalininskaya APP.

Under the terms of the contract Power Machines shall manufacture and supply complete turbine K-1000-60/3000 including condenser and turbine generator TBB-1000-2У3 of 1000 MW capacity and two sets of driver-turbine K-10-0,5 ПА-1 of Kaluga Turbine Works production. The same equipment was supplied by Power Machines’ branch enterprises LMZ and Electrosila for power unit No.3 of Kalininskaya APP in the end of 1980ies. At the same time Electrosila supplied turbine generators for power units No.1
and 2.

The equipment under the contract will be manufactured and supplied to the plant in accordance with the construction schedule of the power unit which is planned to be commissioned in 2011. Power Machines scope of supplies includes supervision and commissioning technical supervision.

Construction of power unit No.4 of Kalininskaya APP is the third project of Power Machines within the framework of Federal Target Program “Development of Russian atomic power complex in 2007-2010 and prospective plan till 2015”. In February 2006 Power Machines signed a contract for supplies of new pipe system and modernization of unit No.2 condenser of 1000 MW capacity for Rostovskaya APP. In June 2007 the company signed a contract for supplies of complete main equipment for turbine island of unit No.4 of 800 MW capacity for Beloyarskaya APP.

Kalininskaya APP is located 125 km to the north from Tver. Kalininskaya APP includes three active power units with light water-cooled and moderated reactors (ВВЭР-1000) of 1000 MW capacity each. The plant is a part of United Central Power System.