Power Machines to supply equipment for five CHP's operated by IES-Holding

OJSC Power Machines signed a number of contracts to supply of energy equipment with three territorial generating companies within IES-Holding.

Under these contracts OJSC Power Machines is to produce energy equipment for Kirovskaya CHP-3, Izhevskaya CHP-1 (JSC “TGC-5”), Vladimirskaya CHP-2 (JSC “TGC-6”), Permskaya CHP-9 and Novobogoslovskaya CHP (JSC “TGC-9”). For each of these, the scope of Power Machines’ supply includes a set of equipment, namely a GTE-160 gas turbine, a 180 MW generator completed with an excitation system, a gas turbine control, monitoring and protection system, and an air filter facility.

Power Machines’ obligations also involve supervision services, customer’s staff briefing, participation in individual tests, as well as a comprehensive approbation procedure and warranty checks.

Equipment handover to the customers is scheduled to commence in Q3 of the current year and terminate in Q3 2012.