Power Machines to continue supplies of equipment for Pravoberezhnaya TPP-5 in Saint-Petersburg

Power Machines and JSC “Trest Sevzapenergomontazh”, main contractor of the project, signed a contract for supplies of power equipment for construction of combined cycle power plant (CCPP) of 450 MW capacity at the new site of Pravoberezhnaya TPP-5 (JSC TGK-1).

Under the terms of the contract Power Machines shall supply two complete gas turbines GTE-160 of 160 MW capacity, one steam turbine of 150 MW capacity and three turbogenerators of 160 MW capacity with excitation systems and auxiliary equipment. Power Machines shall conduct commissioning supervision too.

The CCPP is planned to be commissioned in 2010.

Power Machines also supplied equipment for 1st power unit of new site of Pravoberezhnaya TPP-5 which was commissioned in May, 2006. The company supplied steam turbine of 180 MW capacity and auxiliary equipment.

The plant will be extended within the framework of investment program of JSC TGK-1 for the years 2006-2015. The extension is one of the stages of an Agreement between Saint-Petersburg City Government and RAO “UES of Russia” with the aim to forward development of Saint-Petersburg power complex.

At the present time Power Machines realizes a set of projects for JSC TGK-1 under the Agreement on cooperation in the field of power sector signed in May, 2007, among which are such projects as reconstruction of Vuokinskaya HPP No.1, reconstruction of hydrogenerators of Lesogorskaya HPP-10, Svetogorskaya HPP-11 and Volkhovskaya HPP, construction of combined cycle units of Pervomajskaya TPP-14 and Yuzhnaya TPP-22.

Pravoberezhnaya TPP-5 in Saint-Petersburg is the first thermal power plant built in USSR under GOELRO plan. The plant was put into operation on October 8th, 1922. The first power unit was put into operation on May 20th, 2006. Installed power capacity of the plant is 244 MW, installed thermal capacity is 1172 Gcal/hour.

The plant supplies thermal power for industrial enterprises, blocks of flats and municipal buildings of Nevsky and Krasnogvardejsky districts of Saint-Petersburg.