Power Machines produces turbine generator for Karagandinskaya CHP-3 (Kazakhstan) ahead of schedule

Power Machines produced, tested and handed over a turbine generator for the new power unit of Karagandinskaya CHP-3 to the client ahead of the contractual schedule.

The contract with Kazakhstan-based Karaganda Energocentre LLP to produce and procure the equipment to be installed at 150 MW power unit No. 5 being under construction was signed by Power Machines in June 2010,.

Under the terms of the contract, Power Machines is to manufacture and deliver to the plant’s site Т-120/140-12.8 steam turbine and a 160 MW turbine generator completed with an excitation system together with turbine unit auxiliary equipment. Power Machines’ engineers are as well to supervise installation activities, manage commissioning operations, and provide training for the customer’s personnel. Equipment procurement is scheduled to have been completed by summer 2011.

At the moment, a steam turbine for the power plant in Karaganda is being produced at Power Machines’ facilities..

The new machinery has been designed for power unit No. 5 of Karagandinskaya CHP-3, which is currently under construction and is expected to be put into operation in December 2011.

Participation in this project is another example of cooperation between the Russian power engineering company and Kazakhstan’s power industry. In 2008, Power Machines produced and supplied К-55-90 steam turbine and Т3ФП-63 turbine generator for the state district power plant operated by Kazakhmys Corporation LLP.