Power Machines manufactures and ships unique hydro equipment for Boguchanskaya HPP

Power Machines completed the manufacture and shipment of three runners for hydro units 5, 6 and 7 at Boguchanskaya HPP built by RusHydro and Rusal in Krasnoyarsk Krai.

The runners manufactured by Power Machines for Boguchanskaya HPP are the heaviest and largest of all runners made in Russia over the last decade. Each turbine runner has a diameter of 7.86 meters and a weight of 155.6 tons. With their dimensions, the runners supplied for Boguchanskaya HPP overmatch similar hydro components of Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP, part of RusHydro and the largest HPP in Russia, and Krasnoyarskaya HPP.

The equipment will be delivered by sea and river, which is the only possible way of transportation with such heavy cargo, and the whole operation will take 35 to 40 days. The length of the route will be approximately 6500 km. The vessel will run across Lake Ladoga and Lake Onega, further over the White Sea – Baltic Sea Canal to the White Sea, and then through the Northern Sea Route, by the Yenisey River up to Krasnoyarsk. When it arrives in Krasnoyarsk, the equipment will be transshipped to a river boat that will deliver the cargo to the HPP construction site on the bank of the Angara River. The first four runners manufactured by Power Machines were delivered to Boguchanskaya HPP in a similar way earlier, during the 2008/2009 navigation season.

In total, the contracts signed between Power Machines and the HPP construction partners – RusHydro and Rusal – in 2006 and 2007 cover nine hydro turbines and nine hydro generators, 333 MW each, to be designed, manufactured, and supplied to Boguchanskaya HPP by Power Machines. The HPP will have an installed capacity of 3000 MW and an average long-term output of 17.6 billion kWh. The equipment will be supplied to the customer until 2012. In addition, Power Machines will provide installation supervision and commissioning of the equipment supplied.

The power engineering group from Saint Petersburg has so far manufactured seven hydro turbine sets and five hydro generators for Boguchanskaya HPP. Power Machines' production units are now manufacturing the eighth hydro turbine as well as the sixth and seventh hydro generators.