Power Machines’ hydrogenerators for La Yesca HPP were delivered to Mexico

Two hydrogenerators manufactured by Power Machines for La Yesca HPP, which is currently under construction, were delivered to the Port of Altamira.

Under the terms of the contract, Power Machines company is to supply for Mexico’s new hydraulic power plant two hydraulic turbines rated at 375 MW each, two hydrogenerators, and auxiliary equipment. Power Machines’ share in the project estimated to cost $800 mln exceeds $200 mln.

Activities now being carried out at site involve installation of handling equipment and embedded parts. The manufacture of hydraulic turbines and hydrogenerators has been completed in full. Commissioning of the HPP’s first and second hydraulic units is scheduled for January and April 2012 respectively.

La Yesca HPP will have the world’s highest concrete-faced earthfill dam – its height will reach 220 meters. The plant’s overall rated power will amount to 750 MW. This hydropower plant is to become part of the hydraulic power system on the Río Grande de Santiago river in Jalisco and Nayarit states. Two previously constructed plants included in this power system, namely: 975 MW Aguamilpa HPP and 750 MW El Cajon HPP, are also equipped with power facilities supplied by Power Machines.