Power Machines have developed a new steam turbine

In the "Turbine" special design office of the "Leningradsky Metallichesky Zavod" (LMZ) being a branch of the OJSC "Power Machines", designing of a new steam turbine K-225-130-12,8-3Р having rated capacity of 225 MW has been completed. It is supposed that the prototype model of the machine would be installed at Kharanorskaya SDPP (OJSC "OGK-3").

For the first time in the Russian power machine industry, while designing a steam turbine having capacity of 225 MW, a new material was used for rotors of high and medium pressure cylinders, which approach would ensure functioning of the turbine under an increased temperature of steam.

This turbine would replace serial machines of medium capacity, which were manufactured by the "Power Machines" and formed the base of installed power of dozens thermal power plants in Russia and abroad. The project has integrated the latest achievements of the world practice of steam turbine manufacturing, as well as the own advanced developments by the specialists of the "Power Machines", the many years of experience of operation of the turbines manufactured by the company. In comparison against the K-200 turbines that have been manufactured for many years by the "LMZ" branch, and that have yet become classical, the changes in the project of the new machine were concerned with practically all the units and systems.

The advanced design solutions used for the designing would allow to make the K-225 turbine more reliable and economical as against the other models of the machines of medium capacity, which would be especially important under the conditions of hard competition, which prevails nowadays in the market of power machinery.