Power Machines has produced the first Russian electric equipment package for crawler-mounted mining shovel

Power Machines’ Electrosila Branch organized an event with participation of engineers, representatives of plants manufacturing mining shovels and heavy-duty transport vehicles as well as specialists from mining quarries and other Companies to present its new production.

The prototype of electrical equipment package for the crawler-mounted mining shovel ЭКГ-32Р/35К with a bucket of 35 cubic meters was manufactured under the contract between OJSC Power Machines and LLC IZ-Karteks signed in July, 2009.

Equipment package includes AC variable-frequency electric drives with asynchronous motors, transforming cabinets, an operator’s seat with an instrument panel, etc.

Summarizing the presentation the participants have signed a communiqué stating the recommendations of all participants, namely representatives of LLC IZ-Karteks, LLC Uralmash-Engineering, Republican Unitary Industrial Enterprise BelAZ (Belarus), OJSC Karelsky Okatysh, LLC Vostsibugol, LLC Sibir-Servis, OJSC Apatit, VIST Group, Saint Petersburg State Mining Institute, to use in excavating machinery and mine dump trucks the equipment package with the asynchronous variable-frequency electric drive manufactured by Power Machines.

The main advantage of the variable-frequency electric drive manufactured by Power Machines is reduction of maintenance costs of electrical equipment, in particular, the reduction of electric motor maintenance. The equipment presented is highly reliable due to the employment of modern hardware components and may serve as a demonstrative example of introduction of high quality equipment into the home-produced mining machinery. Furthermore, Power Machines is the only Russian company offering its customers packaged supplies of the equipment and providing a complete warranty for these complete packages rather than for separate units of equipment.

The variable-frequency electric drive manufactured by Power Machines – the basic element of the presented equipment, has been already successfully used in a heavy-duty mine dump truck with capacity of 136 tons manufactured by Republican Unitary Industrial Enterprise BelAZ. Now the accident-free run of this machine is 200 thousand kilometres. This December Power Machines is going to deliver a variable-frequency electric drive to Byelorussian engineers for their dump trucks with capacity of 240 tons. Furthermore, the company’s Branch has being developing the design documentation to manufacture the drive for a dump truck with capacity of 360 tons.

The next step in new production distribution is manufacturing and supply of five electric equipments packages for crawler-mounted mining shovels manufactured by LLC IZ-Karteks under a long-term agreement signed by them in May, 2009.