Power Machines Group won a tender for modernization of Loviisa NPP (Finland)

Russian machinery-building company Power Machines Group and Finnish energy company Fortum Power and Heat Oy signed a Contract for modernization of generators of Loviisa Nuclear Power Plant in Finland (owned by Fortum). The price of the contract reaches 3 million EURO.

In the course of modernization it is planned to design, manufacture and supply new generator stator with the capacity 250 MW, to carry out works on generator stator installed earlier. In accordance with the terms of the Contract modernization works will last till June 2005.

The Loviisa NPP located in the south of Finland, 90km East of Helsinki was constructed with the assistance of the former USSR in the middle of the 1970s.

Four operating generators were manufactured at Electrosila (member of Power Machines Group). In the 1990s during the first modernization Еlectrosila supplied a spare generator stator and increased the capacity of the four generators from 220 to 250 MW. Today the plant’s capacity is estimated at 1020MW.

Power Machines Group plans to prolong its participation in the modernization program of the NPP. In particular, other stators and a spare rotor refitting is considered.

Modernization of Loviisa NPP in cooperation with Fortum company will permit Power Machines Group to strengthen its positions in Finland.