Power Machines Group and Lilama Corporation (Vietnam) sighed a Contract for Uong Bi TPP (Vietnam)

On June 26, 2003 in Hanoi General Director of the Russian machinery-building company Power Machines Group Mr. Yakovlev and General Director of the Vietnamese construction and erection corporation Lilama Mr. Pham Hung signed a Contract for delivery of equipment for Uong Bi TPP (Vietnam).

In accordance with the terms of the Contract Power Machines Group shall carry out designing, manufacturing, supply, assembling and commissioning of the turbine island and boiler island equipment of Uong Bi TPP extension on the “turn-key basis" to increase the capacity of the existing power units to 300 MW and to provide high efficiency.

Main equipment for the plant will be manufactured at Russian plants - "Leningradsky Metallichesky Zavod" - steam turbine with the capacity 300 MW, "Electrosila" - turbogenerator with the capacity 320 MW - which now belong to Power Machines Group, and “Krasniy Kotelzhik” (boiler’s production) - steam boiler with steam output 920 ton per hour and auxiliary equipment.

As a result of the delivery of the equipment the capacity of the existing plant with the 55 МW units will be extended. Uong Bi TPP was constructed with the assistance of the former USSR and has been successfully operating since 1965. The Plant is located at a distance of 150 kilometers from Hanoi – the capital of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Uong Bi TPP provides industrial enterprises and population of the northern provinces of Vietnam with electric power.

The Customer is the Vietnamese state power corporation “Electricity of Vietnam” (EVN). Lilama Corporation, that held the international tender for equipment supply for this project, won the Construction part of the Contract. Power Machines Group won the lots on “turbine island” and “boiler island”. The main competitors of Power Machines Group were Alstom, Foster-Willer, Sumitomo and other companies well-known in the international power market.

In accordance with the terms of the Contract the project is to be completed within 33 months after the contract has been signed. The Contract comes into force from the moment it is signed

The price of the contract reaches 83 million US$. Financing of the contract will be carried out completely from the budget of the Vietnam Socialist Republic.

The contract between the Russian machinery-building company Power Machines Group and the Vietnamese construction corporation Lilama is the first large contract in the field of energy won by the Russian company in Vietnam during the last several years.

Power Machines Group is the Russia’s leading manufacture of all types of power equipment. Power Machines Group comprises five Russian leading power equipment enterprises: JSC Leningradsky Metallichesky Zavod, JSC Elektrosila, JSC Kaluga Turbine Works, JSC Turbine Blades’ Plant, JSC NPO CKTI and a sales company Energomachexport.