Power Machines freights its first load of equipment to the La Yesca HPP (Mexico)

Packing has been completed for Power Machines first load of energy equipment manufactured for the La Yesca HPP in Mexico. The load includes a crane for the machine hall, nodes for two hydroturbines with station numbers 1 and 2, and also auxiliary hydromechanical equipment.

In accordance with the contract’s conditions Power Machines is manufacturing and supplying two hydro turbines with a capacity of 375 MW each, two hydrogenerators and also auxiliary equipment for the new Mexican hydroelectric station. Power Machines’ involvement in the project comes to more than $200 million with the project costing $800 million.

The next supply, including a hydrogenerator, nodes for two hydroturbines and a second load of hydromechanical equipment is planned for the third quarter of this year.

The construction project for the station is set to tight deadlines: the first hydroelectric unit should be operating in January 2012 and the second in April of the same year. The project should be completed in June 2012.

The La Yesca HPP will have the highest banked dam with concrete covering in the world. It rises 220 metres. The total nominal capacity of the station will be 750 MW.

The La Yesca HPP will become part of the hydro energy cascade on the Rio Grande de Santiago on the border of Jalisco and Nayarit. Power Machines also provided equipment for the two earlier constructed hydroelectric stations of the cascade, Agua Milpa with a capacity of 975 MW and El Cajon with a capacity of 750 MW.