Power Machines completes the manufacture of retrofit equipment for the Aswan HPP (Egypt)

Power Machines Company is taking final process steps to hand over the last set of retrofit equipment for the hydrogenerators at Egypt's Aswan HPP.

Back in 2003, Power Machines won, in consortium with Austrian-German Voith Siemens Hydro Power Generation (known today as Voith Hydro), a bid to renew 12 hydrogenerators for the Aswan HPP which was built with the help of the USSR in 1960s-70s. Its price exceeds €70 million.

Power Machines were to manufacture and supply equipment that would replace stator casings and cores for main generators, pole coils for main generators, auxiliary generators with excitation systems, pole coils for auxiliary generators, as well as sets of cooling water pipes and bearing and footstep bearing seals. The work was carried out at Elektrosila, Power Machines' subsidiary. The contract also engaged Power Machines in supervising the installation process. New technical solutions, materials, and equipment, as well as improved technology enabled us to increase the power of the plant's generators from 175 to 200 MW and improve their efficiency by 0.35% as compared to the old machines at the Aswan HPP.

Power Machines and Voith Hydro have so far successfully installed and commissioned eight out of the twelve hydrogenerators at the Aswan HPP. While generator 9 is being installed, the equipment for generators 10 and 11 has been supplied completely to the site and the shipment for the last twelfth generator is about to finish. The last section (generators 11 and 12) is expected to be started up in summer 2010 as scheduled.