Power Machines completed Tehri HPP project in India

Power Machines successfully completed Tehri HPP construction project, which included the first stage of Tehri HPP, the largest hydropower plant in India.

The contracts for supplies of equipment and services were signed in 1997. The Customer of the Contract became Tehri Hydro Development Corporation Ltd., a state owned corporation and a joint venture of the Republic of India and the Government of Uttar Pradesh State.

In accordance with the contract for supplies Power Machines shipped for Tehri HPP four hydropower unit sets of 250 MW each (turbines, generators, excitation systems), rotary and butterfly valves and a set of auxiliary equipment.

The contract scope of supplies of Power Machines comprised erection, start-up and commissioning supervision.

The units were commissioned in 2006-2007. Now Power Machines has met all obligations to the Customer and the units have been commissioned.

Tehri hydropower plant was constructed to solve an important task to supply on-peak power, potable water to the north-east of India as well as to improve irrigation of the district. Tehri HPP commissioning is a powerful impact for development of the north-east region of India.

Participation in construction of Tehri HPP became an important stage for Power Machines to develop Indian market. At the present time the company has been realizing a turn-key project of supplies of two hydropower units of 75 MW each for Balimela HPP which is to be accomplished this autumn. Power Machines has been also realizing another Indian hydropower project for modernization of three hydraulic turbines and regulation systems for Laktak HPP which is aimed at power increase of the turbines from 35 MW to 45 MW. The project is to be completed in spring next year.

Tehri HPP (4 power units of 250 MW each) is a unique hydropower construction that was built in the piedmont of the Himalayas in the north-east of India in a picturesque region where two rivers meet - Bhagirati and Bhilangana. Tehri Dam (boulder dam, puddle dyke) is the third highest dam in the world (260,5 meters high); turbine hall of the plant is of underground type. The plant was designed at the maximum seismic resistance level (rate 9).
Tehri HPP is the first stage of a hydropower complex which includes Koteshwar HPP (4 units of 100 MW each) and a pumped storage unit (4 units of 250 MW each), which Tehri Hydro Development Corporation Ltd. planes to complete in 2009 and 2011 correspondingly