Power Machines Company sings Maintenance and Equipment Upgrade Agreement with TGC-1

On 17 November 2010, Boris Vainzikher, General Director of TGC-1 OJSC and Igor Kostin, General Director of Power Machines OJSC signed a long-term partnership agreement which envisages maintenance support and upgrade of Power Machines’ equipment operated at TGC-1’s power plants.

The agreement foresees rendering information and engineering support for activities associated with repair and upgrade of turbines and generators in operation at TGC-1’s facilities as well as providing original spare parts.

At the signing ceremony, Boris Vainzikher, General Director of TGC-1 OJSC, noted: "Power Machines Company is one of our strategic partners. The concern’s enterprises supplied equipment for hydraulic and CHP plants in our region. Today, their products are predominantly used at new power units within our plants. This agreement means that a new stage in our cooperation has been opened. We therefore will be able to optimize and further enhance efficient collaboration between our two companies. This will have a positive impact both in terms of promoting service quality and accelerating progress of retooling power plants operated by TGC-1”.

Power Machines' General Director Igor Kostin, in his turn, emphasized that "the advantages of long-term cooperation are evident". "With the move to new approaches towards rendering maintenance support services we are enabled to ensure timely supply of spare parts for major overhauls and routine repairs and also to carry out upgrade activities within prescheduled timeframes".

Currently, 167 items of basic equipment produced by Power Machines are in operation at TGC-1’s power plants. These include 22 steam turbines, 51 hydraulic turbines, and 94 generators of various types. TGC-1 signed similar maintenance support agreements with Ural Turbine Works in June 2009, and with Elsib Research and Production Association in July 2010.