Power Machines company manufactured a turbine runner for hydraulic unit No. 1 of RusHydro JSC’s Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP

Power Machines company manufactured, tested and handed over to the customer’s representatives the first hydraulic turbine runner for the hydraulic unit No. 1 of Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP (SSh HPP) to be launched in December 2011.

Following the handover procedure (this included the participation of SOYUZEXPERTIZA (SOEX) Autonomous Nonprofit Organization of the Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry fully authorized by RusHydro to exercise external control), the 145 tons turbine runner was transported to Power Machines’ final goods warehouse and prepared for shipment.

Under the 2009 contract between Power Machines and RusHydro, in 2011 the power engineering concern’s production facilities are to manufacture hydraulic power equipment for five hydraulic units for the plant overhaul. In particular, it is anticipated that the manufacturing of another two turbine runners should be completed in February and May of current year. River-and-sea transportation of three new turbine runners to be manufactured in 2011 is scheduled for Q3 2011 during the summer navigation period.

Earlier – in December 2010 – Power Machines completed shipment of generator equipment for the hydraulic unit No. 1, and also manufactured and tested an advanced excitation system for this unit. Within the terms stipulating from the contract, the St. Petersburg-based power engineering concern has recently completed works to manufacture the hydraulic turbine No. 1 (its shipment is expected to commence in January 2011), and continues the shipment of generator equipment for the hydraulic unit No. 2. The contract to manufacture basic power generating equipment for the major overhaul of Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP was signed by Power Machines and RusHydro JSC in November 2009. Under this contract Power Machines company is to manufacture ten hydraulic turbines and nine hydraulic generators rated at 640 MW each, as well as six excitation systems. Power Machines’ specialists will also provide installation services for the equipment supplied, including installation supervision and commissioning. The contract value amounts to RUR 11.7 bln (without VAT).

The new hydraulic units’ service life is expected to be increased up to 40 years, with the maximum turbine efficiency of 96.6%. Its power and cavitation characteristics will also be improved. The turbines will be equipped with an advanced technological protection system, which automatically shuts down a unit in case of unacceptable mode deviations in monitored parameters.

Power Machines company has previously manufactured and supplied power plant with a full set of spare parts and excitation system equipment sets for the hydraulic units Nos. 6, 5, and 4 for the restoration of those hydraulic units that remained relatively undamaged after the accident at SSh HPP. The company has also, ahead of the contractual schedule, supplied a new hydraulic generator and an excitation system equipment set required to replace the damaged generator of the hydraulic unit No. 3, which was put on trial on December 22, 2010. The hydraulic units Nos. 6 and 5 were restored and put into operation ahead of the directive time frame – in February-March 2010. In compliance with the SSh HPP reconstruction program approved by the RF Ministry of Energy, the hydraulic units Nos. 4 and 3 were launched in August and December 2010.