Power Machines commence manufacturing electrical equipment for Uralmashplant

Elektrosila, a Power Machines’ branch, commenced manufacturing electrical equipment for the ESH-11/75 walking draglines.

The contract for procurement of electrical equipment to be installed in two draglines, carrying 11-cubic-meter buckets, was concluded between Power Machines and Uralmashplant. The first shipment is scheduled for the current-year fourth quarter.

A set of equipment for a walking dragline comprises a four-strand converter unit (three DC generators plus a synchro motor) and seven DC electro motors. The project also involves participation of Power Machines – Reostat Plant, which will produce poles, manifolds and brush holders.

Prototype DC electro motors for walking draglines were developed at the facilities of Elektrosila in 2000. Within the project for developing the four-strand converter unit and electro motors ordered by Uralmashplant, design of the motors, which have proved faultless in operation, was further improved to meet the latest requirements associated with the use of advanced materials and technology. These innovations will enable to enhance reliability of the electrical equipment and ensure efficient work of the draglines in open pits.

Power Machines’ plans include manufacturing equipment for walking draglines with 20- and 40-cubic-meter buckets. The appropriate feasibility study and commercial proposal have already been forwarded to Uralmashplant.

So far, Power Machines produced the first out of the six sets of electrical equipment for the EKG-32Р/35К mining shovels with 35-cubic-meter buckets (by IZ Karteks) under a long-term agreement signed in May of 2009.