Power Machines announces new management appointments

Changes have taken place in the management of Power Machines. Dr. Wolf Dietrich Krueger, holding the post of First Deputy General Director – Director for Manufacturing is leaving the company for health reasons.

Oleg Urnev has been appointed to the post of Deputy General Director – Director of Manufacturing with the transfer of the majority of the functional responsibilities of Dr. Kruger, formerly the head of Izhora Pipe Mill.
Maxim Rumyantsev has been appointed as HR Director, who until recently was Manager for Salary and Benefits at Severstal metallurgical company in Cherepovets. Alexei Ustinov resigned from his position to transfer to a new work place.

Dr. Wolf Ditrich Kruger worked for Power Machines for one in a half years. During this time he initiated and achieved a series of programs and projects aimed at establishing effective, economical manufacturing, in particular Program PAENEC (Programs for Adapting Expenses to New Economic Conditions), establishing an integrated program for reducing expenses in different areas during the global economic crisis.

“The high level of management qualities and the great experience of Dr. Kruger helped the company in setting strategic goals and for completing the manufacturing program for 2008-2009 “, observed Igor Kostin, the General Director of Power Machines.

“I would like to thank all workers of Power Machines for their cooperation, they were easy to work with and we achieved a lot. Responsible and hardworking people have gathered in this company, I have seen this on numerous occasions. Power Machines has a great future,” said Dr. Kruger.

At his new work place Oleg Urnev faces the challenges of optimizing manufacturing processes within the company, supervision of deadlines and budgeting of manufacturing orders, coordination of operational activities.

In the post of HR Director at Power Machines Maxim Rumyantsev will be responsible for development and implementation of policies and procedures in the area of Human Resources, including improving the organizational structure, recruitment, work evaluation, development, stimulation and motivation of personnel, formation of company culture.

Biography of О.V. Urnev

Oleg Vladimirovich Urnev was born on 20 August 1967 in Cherepovets in Vologda Region. In 1991 he graduated from the Leningrad Institute of Rail Engineers with a major in Engineering-Construction, in 2002 he graduated from the ASSA Institute of Professional Management with a major in Financial Management and in 2003 from the Open British University LINK.

In 2006 he completed МВА at the business school of Northumbria University (New Castle, UK).

Fifteen years ago Oleg Urnev began working at Severstal as an engineer for one of the products of the metallurgical company. Since 2002 he has held management positions in Severstal-Emal. During the past five years he has been the general director of Izhora Pipe Millt.

Biography of M.L. Rumyantsev

Maxim Lvovich Rumyantsev was born on 16 April 1971 in Tomsk. In 1993 he graduated from the Moscow Institute of Steel and Allows as an engineer-mechanic, in 2002 he graduated from the State University of Management (Moscow) as a manager with higher qualifications.

In 2002 he received МВА from the Business School at Northumbria University (New Castle, UK).

In 1993 Maxim Rumyantsev began working for Severstal as a metal worker repairer for one of the manufacturers of the Cheropovets metallurgical enterprise. Having become a master in repairing mechanical equipment, in 1996 Maxim Rumyantsev altered the direction of his activities, becoming an engineer for organization of labor. In 2000 he was head of the payments department and since 2006 was head of the department for payments and benefits of Severstal.