Power Machines and Fortum company signed a Contract for reconstruction of Krangede HPP (Sweden)

On the tender results Power Machines and energy company Fortum (Finland-Sweden) signed a Contract for supply of equipment for reconstruction of two power units of Krangede HPP (Sweden). The price of the contract reaches 3 million EURO.

The main competitors of Power Machines in tender for Krangede HPP were General Electric Hydro (USA) и VA TECH (Austria).

The equipment for the existing six hydro power units (6 x 42MW ) of the plant was manufactured by KMW (Sweden) in 1937. In 2003 Power Machines carried out modernization of the equipment (turbine and generator) of one of the power unit of the plant. The power unit was commissioned in December, 2003.

In accordance with the terms of the project Power Machines is to modernize runners and parts of working mechanisms of two hydroturbines and stators of two hydrogenerators. As a result the capacity of each unit will be increased up to 45 MW and efficiency – from 85% up to 93,9%.

Beginning from May, 2006 Power Machines will start supplying of the equipment. Two power units are planned to be commissioned in November 2006 and November 2007 correspondingly.

Power Machines is implementing other projects in cooperation with Fortum company in Scandinavia: modernization of generators at Loviisa NPP (1 x 250MW), Kierikki HPP (1 х 22 MW) in Finland and Grundfors HPP (1 х 54 MW) in Sweden , modernization of 10 MW hydroturbine at Utanen HPP in Finland. Besides it is planned to sign Contract for modernization of 30,6 MW power unit at Pamilo HPP in Finland.