Power Machines adopt remote equipment monitoring system at power plants operated by OAO Mosenergo

OJSC Power Machines has expanded its service portfolio having implemented a project for monitoring its branded energy equipment used at Mosenergo’s CHP-21 and CHP-27. 

The remote monitoring system jointly developed by Power Machines and Interavtomatika AG allows on-line transfer of data related to GT current operation, as well as historical data, thus enabling a machinery performance analysis throughout its entire life-cycle. Special emphasis has been laid on such issues as client’s information security under remote monitoring conditions and reliability of power plant operation. 

A remote monitoring option enhances the quality of maintenance support, ensures prompt response, guarantees that professional consultancy services are provided in case of performance deviations, helps in proper planning overhauls, and allows timely procurement of spare parts, says Igor Makarov, Head of Services at Power Machines. Energy specialists can therefore receive precautionary recommendations well in advance, while Power Machines’ engineers are enabled to use the analysis data to further enhance new products and optimise existing equipment maintenance technology. Turbine monitoring at Mosenergo’s power plants is an example of service available for other Power Machines’ partners. 

Both Mosenergo’s CHP-21 and CHP-27 have three power units with CCPP’s with the capacity of 450 MW each. The equipment used there was produced by Power Machines in 2007–2008. Among the most promising collaborative projects currently undertaken by Power Machines and Mosenergo is bringing GTE-65, Russia’s first medium-capacity CCPP, into operation at CHP-9 in Moscow.