Electrosila holds 110th anniversary

On the 18th of April 2008 Power Machines holds 110th anniversary of Electrosila plant, the largest Russian electric engineering enterprise.

The enterprise was founded in 1898 on the base of German plant Siemens-Galske that was specialized in production of electrical machines, electric drive motors and transformers. In 1922 the plant was renamed Electrosila. By the time scientific and technological school of Russian electric engineering began to get formed, and specialists took part in GOELRO plan and developed first Russian generators for Volkhovskaya HPP, Gomelskaya TPP and Omskaya TPP.

By the 1930ies Electrosila turned into the largest scientific and production centre of home electric engineering.

In the following years the enterprise not only developed and produced new constructions and types of products but also passed on its experience to other Russian enterprises.

In the whole field of its history Electrosila was ahead of the rest of power enterprices. In 1937 the most powerful 100 MW turbogenerator was manufactured at the plant. In 1980 the most powerful high-speed turbogenerator of 1200 MW capacity was put into operation at Kostromskaya SDPP which is still operated at the plant. Development of unique medium- and high-capacity blast proof and fire proof turbogenerators for thermal and nuclear power plants became one of the biggest achievements of Electrosila.

The most successful the specialists of the enterprise were in production of turbogenerators. The 62 MW generators for DneproGES HPP made the plant the leading European enterprise within the field of production of hydrogenerators. Development of generators for Krasnoyarskaya HPP of 500 MW capacity and for Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP of 640 MW in 1960ies-1970ies became one of the largest scientific and technical achievement of Electrosila. For the present time hydrogenerators of Electrosila production not only correspond world standards but often leave them behind.

Electrosila was the first Russian plant that mastered production of electrocal machines for industrial needs. More that a third of home enterprises within the field of metallurgy, shipbuilding, chemistry, oil development use electric motors of Electrosila production.

Electrosila specialists always enjoyed national awards and international bonuses. Such names as Leonid Krasin, Robert Luter, Adolf Schwarz, Georgy Zherve, Vasily Romaniv, Vladimir Kasianov and many others went down in history.

Today Electrosila is the leading enterprise that follows its traditions.

Starting the end of the 1990ies Electrosila like many other Power Machines’ enterprises realizes a set of measures aimed at modernization of production capacity and development of new progressive technologies. New technologies in production led to essential expansion of design possibilities and production of new perspective equipment.

Development of asynchronized turbogenerators and turbine compensators became the latest achievement of Electrosila. These asynchronized turbogenerators and turbine compensators help to solve a problem of excessive reactive power in power grids of huge megacities to prevent possible emergencies and provide stable operation of power grids.

Now Electrosila takes part in all large-scale projects of Power Machines among which are Sipat TPP, Barh TPP (India), El Cajon HPP (Mexico), Quilleco HPP (Chile), Pleikrong HPP (Vietnam). Among Russian projects – participation in construction of Bureiskaya HPP and Boguchanskaya HPP, modernization and construction of power plants of JSC Mosenergo, JSC TGK-1 and other projects.