Zhiguli HPP Power Output Increases after Modernization of Hydropower Unit No. 7 by Power Machines

Following modernization of Zhiguli HPP hydropower unit No. 7 by Power Machines, the HPP’s installed capacity has increased by 10.5 MW. At present, it amounts to 2,456.5 MW.

This became possible as a result of implementation of a comprehensive modernization program launched by RusHydro: the hydroturbine and the generator rotor of hydropower unit No. 7 were replaced.

Test results have confirmed that it is possible to increase the hydropower unit from 115 to 125.5 MW; after that, the equipment was re-marked.

The new turbine has an improved design, a high capacity, and is distinguished by a high degree of environmental safety. Apart from replacement of the hydroturbine unit, the power unit was equipped with a modern control system that is installed on all of the Zhiguli HPP power unit undergoing reconstruction.