Yakutsk State District Power Plant No. 2 Starts Operations in the Far East

The Yakutsk State District Power Plant No. 2, the largest thermal power plant built by PJSC RusHydro in the Far East, has been put into operation. The equipment intended for operation in the harsh conditions of the Russian Far North was manufactured and delivered by PJSC Power Machines.

The Sakha Republic, where the Yakutsk State District Power Plant No. 2 was built is a region with extremely low air temperatures. This climate pattern had a major effect on the design and manufacture of the boiler equipment delivered to the power plant by Power Machines under contract.

The distinctive features of the new equipment are high resistance to thermal shocks and low thermal inertia, allowing starting up of the boilers quickly, even in unfavorable weather conditions. The boiler units can also withstand seismic loads with a magnitude of up to 7, measured on the MSK-64 scale (12-point earthquake intensity scale). 

The equipment was delivered by rail to the Berkakit station; then it was reloaded on motor transport and brought to the power plant under construction by winter road, crossing the frozen Lena river over the ice.

"The completion of the first stage of the Yakutsk State District Power Plant is an important landmark in the development of the region's power industry. Apart from creating an additional power reserve, it will allow the power plant to close down low-efficiency boiler houses," stated Yuri Petrenya, general director of PJSC Power Machines. "It is a large-scale, complex and interesting project, and we understand its significance for Yakutia' s industry and population very well."

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The Yakutsk State District Power Plant No. 2 (first stage) is one of four projects included in PJSC RusHydro's investment program, aimed at the construction of new power facilities in the Far East. The new power plant will replace the worn-out equipment of the existing State District Power Plant, create a reserve of power, and improve the reliability of energy delivery to consumers.

The heat recovery boilers made at OJSC TKZ Krasny Kotelshchik (a member of PJSC Power Machines) are a part of the new power plant’s primary equipment, together with gas turbine units and peak-load hot water boilers. After they are put into operation, they will heat the heating system’s water by utilising waste heat from the gas turbine units, which in turn supplies heat to the residents of Yakutsk without interruption.