Women are the best Insulators According to Power machines

This year Power machines held the third competition called “The Best in the Profession.” This time it was held among insulators. 10 representatives of this profession, working at Elektrosila and Reostat (belonging to the Power machines group of companies), strived for the victory.

In order to receive the honorary title of “The Best in the Profession,” the insulation workers had to take tests and solve topical brain-twisters, and in the practical component – they had to insulate a part with a difficult configuration. After this operation, the product was tested for electrical strength. At the end of competition, a team game for reaction rate and logic took place.

The victory was won by Natalia Mulyukova (Elektrosila), her colleague Irina Laikina took the second place and the third place was shared by Natalia Kashlakova (Elektrosila) and Oksana Kiriyanova (Reostat). 

“I am happy for everyone who participated, and I am very pleased that I won this competition. We are all professionals. It was difficult to say in advance who among us would be the winner” - Natalia Mulyukova, the winner of competition, shared her impressions. “The profession of an insulator is more female than male. It is no wonder that all participants are ladies. This work requires manual dexterity and accuracy; it is necessary to make the insulation accurately.” 

In the final of competition all participants received memorable gifts, and the winner and three other finalists received valuable prizes.

For reference: 

Professional skills competitions in Power machines have taken place regularly since 2016. Among the participants: computer controlled machine operators, turners, millers, crane operators, electrical machine terminals and windings engineers, welders, plankers, as well as representatives of such focused specializations in the power engineering industry as insulation workers and painters. 

Such competitions allow participants not only to demonstrate their skills and exchange experience with colleagues, but also to upgrade their skills. In some cases, according to the results of prominent results demonstrated during the competition, the employee is promoted. 

Earlier, in 2018, the top ranks among plankers and painters were identified.