Warsaw subway to be equipped with Power Machines’ equipment

Power Machines – Reostat Plant, Power Machines’ subsidiary company, shipped first ten sets of electrical equipment hardware components for Warsaw subway cars.

JSC Wagonmach, a traditional partner of Power Machines in the field of transporting, is a Customer of the contract. Wagonmach will supply 30 subway cars to Metro Warszawskie (Poland) for Warsaw subway.

Under the terms of the contract signed between Power Machines – Reostat Plant and JSC Wagonmach in November 2007, Reostat will manufacture and supply 30 sets of electrical equipment consisting of traction motors TДМ-1Э and hardware components. The equipment will be supplied to the Customer within the 1st half of the year 2008. The total price of the contract amounts to 80 million Rubles.

Reostat Plant began to manufacture electric motors in October 2007 upon the transmission of production capacity from Electrosila, Power Machines’ branch enterprise, to Velikie Luki. Production has been accumulated on the base of Reostat Plant to further supply full sets of motor drives for the industry of means of transport. Within the framework of this project a succession of capital repairs took place at Reostat Plant such as construction of new production building, reconstruction of the old workshop, construction works aimed at infrastructure improvement, construction of production warehouse etc.

Traction motor TДМ-1Э is a modification of traction motor TДМ-1 of Power Machines development which is now used as a part of Russian subway cars. Its main distinguishing features are small dimensions due to the width of Polish subway rail gage which is 1435 mm i.e. 85 mm narrower than in Russia.