Vote of thanks to JSC "EMAlliance" for contribution to investment project

A grateful letter has been received by JSC "EMAlliance" from OAO "OGK-2" for contribution to the investment project of construction and commissioning of 800 MW combined-cycle plant (CCP) at Kirishskaya GRES (the Leningrad Region). As per the contract the JSC "EMAlliance" have designed and delivered two heat-recovery steam generators for the sixth power unit at Kirishskaya GRES.

It is the first time in the history of the home electrical power engineering when the extensive modernization of the existing power unit was carried out which enabled to increase considerably its power capacity and efficiency. Thus, the power unit efficiency increased from 38% to 55% and specific reference fuel consumption reduced almost by 32% from 324 g/kWh to 221,5 g/kWh.

Upon the project of modernization of the sixth power unit at Kirishskaya GRES two modern gas turbines of 279 MW each with two heat-recovery steam generators were added to the existing 300 MW steam turbine. CCP PGU-800 came to be the unique and most powerful power unit in Russia.