Volzhskaya HPP continues to expand its capacities

Hydropower unit No. 12, where the hydraulic turbine was replaced, has been put into operation after its upgrade at an affiliate of RusHydro JSC – Volzhskaya HPP. The new turbine has enhanced technical characteristics and increased capacity, which will allow to raise the plant’s installed capacity.

Power Machines OJSC have performed the design, manufacture, supply, installation supervision and commissioning of turbine No. 12 as per the contract. Two more new turbines are to be put into operation till the end of the current year.

The upgrading of the hydropower unit began in August 2010. The equipment renovation was carried out in accordance with a program for retrofitting and upgrading.

The multi-year program for retrofitting and upgrading of the Volzhskaya HPP’s equipment and hydraulic structures has been implemented since 2003. It is aimed at the complete replacement of the existing equipment with modern and state-of-the-art one. The program is to be implemented till 2025. At present, Power Machines have replaced 9 of the 22 hydroturbines at Volzhskaya HPP.

The upgrading and modernization of the equipment will allow to significantly improve its reliability and performance, as well as to raise the installed capacity of Volzhskaya HPP above its design value (2541 MW) by 198.5 MW. As a result, the plant’s installed capacity will amount to 2739.5 MW by 2021.