VII Conference of young specialists of engineering units has taken place at Power Machines

An annual Conference of young specialists “Energy of youth”, which is the venue for sharing experience, hunting for new talents and non-standard decisions took place on November 24-25 at Power Machines Company.

About 100 participants at the age up to 30 years have taken part in the conference. First of all, they are the employees of Power Machines Group of Companies: the specialists of design bureau and other engineering units. Traditionally the representatives of Moscow Power Engineering Institute (MPEI) were also among the event participants.

The Conference program has included four topical sections: “Heat power engineering”, “Hydroelectric engineering”, “Electrical engineering”, as well as “Technologies and quality in power-plant engineering”. Every participant has prepared and defended the work on the topic of one of the sections under the supervision of an experienced mentor, design engineer.

The special commission, which included the company’s chief designers, the best designers of Power Machines following the results of 2015, the winners of the last-year’s conference, as well as invited experts of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, have determined the winners in every section. The main evaluation criteria included the topic relevance, stage of completion and depth of the work, technical level of the development, quality of report presentation and the ability to respond to the questions of listeners. A special attention has been given to communication skills of the participants, since the ability to push one’s own agenda is half the battle.

“Comparing with seven years of holding the conference, this year the quantity of its participants is historically high”, said Vladimir Demianov, General Designer of Power Machines, at opening the Conference. “This is an excellent signal. It means that the youth is interested in the growth both in science and practical implementation of the decisions put forward. The technical creativity, personal initiative and involvement are the qualities of the employees that determine the company’s future. Therefore, the support of the talented and self-motivated employees will remain the top priority of HR policy of our company”.