Vietnamese Buon Kuop HPP with Power Machines’ hydraulic equipment has been put into operation

Power Machines has successfully completed its participation in the new Vietnamese HPP construction project by bringing into operation the second and final hydraulic unit at Buon Kuop HPP.

Power Machines concluded the Contract for supply of hydraulic equipment with general contractor of HPP construction – Japanese company, Sumitomo Corp. in summer, 2005. The contract price is over 18 million US$.

According to this Contract, Power Machines designed, manufactured and delivered two 140 MW hydraulic turbines, two turbine shut – off valves, two governors and auxiliary equipment for the HPP site. Furthermore, Power Machines engineers have performed installation supervision and commissioning operations at site.

Power Machines’ Leningradsky Metallichesky Zavod Branch has manufactured two unique turbine shut – off valves with diameter of 5 meters each, specially for Vietnamese HPP. Such dimensions were determined in accordance with the size of a turbine and diameters of penstocks since Buon Kuop is a diversion plant and the water is supplied to the hydraulic units via specially made tunnels, which are more than 4 kilometres long. This technique shall allow for a required water head.

First hydraulic unit was brought into operation in May, 2009, and in this November the second hydraulic unit was brought into operation after successful comprehensive test run under the load performed for 28 days. Today Buon Kuop HPP as a part of Vietnam power grid operates at its full capacity. Now Power Machines company is in charge for its warranty program fulfilment until autumn, 2010.

At present Power Machines company is also engaged in Wong-Bi TPP and Pleykrong HPP construction projects in Vietnam. Russian company has manufactured and delivered the power equipment for turbine and boiler islands to the Thermal Power Plant, and two 55 MW turbines completed with generators to Pleykrong Hydro Power Plant. Pleykrong HPP has already put the first hydraulic unit into operation.